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How to Disable Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot from Windows 11

Microsoft recently released an update for Windows 11 that added a new feature called Bing Chat AI. This feature allows you to chat with a virtual assistant directly from the search bar. However, some users may not want this feature enabled. In this blog article, we will discuss three ways how to disable Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot in Windows 11.

Why would you want to disable Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot?


There are a few reasons why you might want to disable Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot. Some people may not find the feature useful. Others may be concerned about privacy or security. Still others may simply prefer to use a different search engine or chatbot.

What are the three ways to disable Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot?

The three ways to disable the Bing AI Chatbot are:

  1. Use the Settings app.
  2. Use the taskbar settings .
  3. Use Registry Editor.

We will discuss each of these methods in detail in the next section.

Which method should you use?

The best method for you will depend on your preferences and level of technical expertise. If you are comfortable using the Settings app, then that is the easiest option.

If you are comfortable using the Registry Editor, then that is the most effective option. If you are not comfortable using either of those methods, then you can use a third-party app.

How to Disable Bing Chat AI from Windows 11 Search

  1. Open the Settings app by pressing Windows+I.
  2. Click on Privacy & security.
  3. In the left pane, select Search permissions.

4.In the right pane, scroll down to the More settings section and toggle off the Show search highlights option.

This will disable Bing Chat AI from appearing in the search bar. You can still use Bing Chat AI by opening it from the Start menu or by clicking on the Chat icon in the Edge browser.

How to Disable Bing Chat AI from Windows 11 taskbar

To remove the Bing AI chatbot from your Windows 11 Taskbar, you can follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select “Taskbar settings.”
  2. Scroll down to the “Taskbar corner” section and click on “Taskbar behaviors.”
  3. Toggle off the switch next to “Taskbar chat icon.”
  4. The Bing AI chatbot should now be removed from your Taskbar..

If you decide that you want the Bing AI chatbot back on your Taskbar, you can simply repeat the steps above and turn the switch back on.

I hope it helps! if not, you can try to remove KB KB5022913.

How to Disable Bing Chat AI from Windows Regedit

Another solution if the above didn’t work for you is to disable the Bing chat AI directly from Registry option.To do that you just follow these steps:

1.Press Windows+S and type regedit, and open Registry editor .

2.In the address bar at the top paste this address: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Or manually follow the path to Current User – Software – Policies – Microsoft – Windows.

3.Right click Windows folder – New – Key. Rename to ExplorerRight click Explorer – New – DWORD (32-bit) Value

4.Rename New Value 1 to DisableSearchBoxSuggestions.

5.Double click DisableSearchBoxSuggestions and change the value from 0 to 1

6.Restart PC

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